The Constant Rabbit – Jasper FForde – 09.07.20

I had recently re-read (actually listened to) Shades of Grey, which is fabulous, and so was really looking forward to this book. In many ways it’s similar to Shades of Grey, in that it’s satirical and political while still being humorous and light. Set in an alternate version of England, where in the 1960s anContinue reading “The Constant Rabbit – Jasper FForde – 09.07.20”

Shades Of Grey – Jasper FForde (AUDIOBOOK) – 05.06.20

I remember reading this book ages ago and really liking it, so when I saw it going cheep as an Audible audiobook I bought it. Set in a very controlled hierarchical society where most people have lost the ability to see much colour and one’s position in society is determined by how much of certainContinue reading “Shades Of Grey – Jasper FForde (AUDIOBOOK) – 05.06.20”