The Constant Rabbit – Jasper FForde – 09.07.20

I had recently re-read (actually listened to) Shades of Grey, which is fabulous, and so was really looking forward to this book. In many ways it’s similar to Shades of Grey, in that it’s satirical and political while still being humorous and light. Set in an alternate version of England, where in the 1960s an unknown event happened which caused a small number of animals to become anthropomorphised (ie, took on more human characteristics such and size, sentience and language). In the fifty or sixty odd years since then, the few rabbits had multiplied greatly and were causing issues similar to racism and anti-immigrant feeling which we suffer from in our reality (breeding like rabbits, taking our jobs, you can’t tell them apart, and so on). The main character is torn between his job working for a government rabbit control enforcement agency (due to his rare ability to tell individual rabbits apart from each other) and his friendship with a female rabbit whom he had known since they were students together. He is drawn into fighting with the rabbit resistance and there is danger and excitement. I found the ending a little depressing, although thought provoking and kind of understandable.

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