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Bibliography: I’ve written loads of books (see The I Wonder Years), but most of them didn’t get published . The first book that did get published is  THE FORBIDDEN ROOM,  my second book is THE TRAP and my third book, out now as an Amazon Kindle ebook is Blood and Snow . I’m not writing full time at the moment, I had to get a real job to pay the bills, so I’m back to teaching. I would love, love, love to spend my days writing again and I’m sure I will one day.

Name: Sarah Wray (before I was married it was Sarah Green, also I have a middle name – Rachel)

Born: 12/06/1969 Grew up in Formby in Merseyside. I went to Woodlands Junior school and Range High School.

Educated: I did my A levels at Kitson College in Leeds, and then went to Queen’s University Belfast and did Genetics, then went back to Queens to do a PGCE in 1992, and in 2011 I went back again and did a masters in Early Childhood.

Married: I met my husband Paul at University, and stayed in Belfast to marry him in 1991

Kids: I have three kids – Becca Joy (born 1994), Danny (born 1995) and Christy (1997).

Here’s a photo taken on our trip to Venice to celebrate my 50th birthday in 2019:

 Job: I am currently working as a supply teacher in Nursery and Primary schools. I dream of coming into a large sum of money so I could retire early and live somewhere beautiful and by the sea.

                                                                                                                                                              Favourite Movie: I like musicals and anything quirky, don’t like films with lots of action or car chases (although I did love Baby Driver (!)). I have lots of favourites including, Coraline, Moulin Rouge, I am Legend, The Last Five Years, The first of the Deathly Hallows movies, Castaway… (I’ll maybe add more later when I can remember them!)

Favourite TV Shows:  I like thought provoking drama and a bit of noir or even horror, I loved Game of Thrones, Preacher, Dr Who, Modern Family, all Nordic Noir, Better Call Saul, Orange is The New Black and Masterchef Australia (oh, and Bake off, of course!)

Favourite Book: Too many to mention (see my life is a booklist), although an enduring favourite is Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. 

In 2022 I read/listened to 98 books, and I loved Claire North‘s books especially The End of the Day, and I also very much enjoyed Fairy Tale by Stephen King

In 2021 I read/listened to 77 books, and I think my favourite was Piranesi by Susanna Clarke.

In 2020 I read (or listened to) 103 books, and I think the stand out book for me this year was Apeirogon by Colum McCann

I read 71 books in 2019, lots of which I enjoyed, but I think my favourite book this year was Milkman by Anna Burns.

(If you want to know what I’ve read recently, and what I thought of it, check out my reviews on the I just read…  pages.)

Favourite food: Chinese Hot and Sour soup (mmm mmm mmm!) and everything else except shellfish and sushi (yuck!) I’m on a big healthy eating and exercise kick now so I’m mostly eating salads and fruit and stuff (lost over six stone!!)

Various Pets Alive and Dead – over the years we have had many pets – Christy had a corn snake called Fluffy when he was wee, and Becca had rats called Gizmo and Gomer, we had fish for years and dogs – Daisy the Collie, Snowy the Bichon Frise, Roxie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and currently Chester, also a King Charles Spaniel. We also have had many cats (I love cats and dogs, what can I say??) – Sibby, Lucy and Lenny, Misty and Dexter (still got Misty) and our two newest editions, the kittens, Modi and Muse.

Hobbies: I like reading (see My Life as a Booklist), writing (well duh), going for walks with the dogs, watching movies (I like foreign movies with subtitles), doing word and number puzzles (yeah, okay, I’m a bit of a nerd) and embroidery (worse than nerdy – but I like it). I won a box of artist pencils that turn into watercolours if you add water, so I’m about to become a renowned artist. OOh – here’s some examples of my great art work!!

Also, I started running last year and I was going to run a my first half marathon in September but then Coved 19 happened! A fun thing that came out of covid 19 is that I’ve been doing lots of gardening – trying to grow some fruit and veggies and also making sourdough bread and cakes and stuff.

If I ever get rich and famous, my hobbies will change to: Shopping, eating out, going to premieres, taking trips on my private yacht, house buying,  world travel, dinner parties with Johnny Depp, I could go on… (I’ll stop typing now though because I’m in a happy little make-believe world…mmm Johnny Depp….)

Do you know what?  I’ve kind of gone off Johnny Depp recently – he’s got too weird (and I normally like weird) Now who will I pick to play John Holland when the Hollywood people ask for my casting advice?(yeah, still dreaming!)

For a while it looked like a very promising performing arts student was making a movie based on The Forbidden Room, called The Wendy House. It was all going very well with casting and trailers and sponsorship coming along nicely, but then everything went quiet, so I’m thinking it all fell through – pity.

Check out the facebook page for the film: The Wendy House

or the twitter page

And you can watch the trailer at you tube here.

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