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Daragh-Ann sent me the start of the book she’s working on on 2nd December. It sounds intriguing, and apparently there’s a huge twist coming!

The Dead Window 


I remember it like it was just yesterday; we were waiting on the special call. Well it turned out not to be so special after all…

Chapter one

Buz. The phone rang. The woman at the other end of the line sounded old and in a rush and not very organised. I answered the phone and the woman said, ‘hello can you get your mummy?’ I said, ‘yes but, who are you?’ The woman replied, ‘I am Molly; your mummy wants to buy a house.’ ‘Oh ok ill get her now,’ I said. As I went to get her there was a strange tapping noise at the window. I looked out and saw nothing. ‘Mum; there is some one on the phone and they want to speak to you,’ I said, my mum replied, ‘did she say who she was?’ ‘Yes, she said she was called Molly and she said something about a house,’ I exclaimed. I handed her the phone with great pleasure and went to my room. In my room my sister Tessa was with her friend Cliondha. Well I should have expected her to be there, I mean we share a room but I guess we won’t when we move… but I might get a bit scared because she’s my big sister: I’m ten and she’s eleven and I’m afraid of the dark. Well I guess I’ll have to be less scared of things. ‘Yes, we got the house!’ my mum yelled, and screamed with delight I was amazed of how loud a woman who always tells us to be quiet can be. As soon as she hung up she rung my dad and said, ‘we got the house. We are moving in next week!’ When my dad came home we started to pack our things.

Chapter two

It was a week later and we have moved in and after four days we had settled in completely. Me and Tessa share a room, but on the night of January 19th I heard a door creaking.  It couldn’t have been Tessa as she was beside me, and my mum and dad were in a deep sleep. I heard footsteps but when I re-thought it all it seemed like I was loosing my head. I woke up and I felt paranoid and then my mum said, ‘Bethany; your toast is ready.’ I jumped, because it was unexpected as she wasn’t in the room a minute ago so I went in to the kitchen which was two floors down and  Tessa went up to the bathroom to re-fresh. It was when I was in the kitchen I heard that tapping on the window and then I was really scared because the closest tree was at the other side of the mountain but it still could have been the wind we get a lot of wind up here. My mum bought me and Tessa diaries to keep they were both pink with our names on them – well not really, my one had a Blue B and Tessa’s had a Red T. On the first page I wrote in my best writing: Private property of Bethany McAllister Aged 10 years old Address 490 Troyton road Northern Ireland Phone number 0778960214. After I had written my personal details it was time to go to school so my mum brought us in the car to Eagles Hawk Primary and then my mum went to work. She works in Tesco’s – its not the best job but she still gets paid ten euro an hour. So anyway, at school it was my first day back after the summer and a new girl and a new boy joined.  They were twins and they were in my class –  boo-hoo! But look on the bright side, maybe she will be my best friend. When school was over I had worked up the courage to talk to her. I’m a bit shy but still I talked to her she said her name was Cerys and her brother was called Patrick but every one just calls him Patti. I said my name was Bethany and I have a sister called Tessa she’s in Eagles Hawk Secondary School. I asked her where she lived she said, ’18 Troyton road its at the bottom of the mountain.’ ‘Really? I live at the top of the mountain in 490 Troyton road,’ Cerys replied, ‘cool.’ I said, ‘do you want to come to my house?’ she said, ‘yes,’ so Cerys and I walked home together and Tessa went to Cliondha’s house. I asked Cerys when we got to my house, ‘do you want to stay for dinner?’ she replied, ‘oh yes please!’ So we went in and my mum and dad were in the family room. My mum was knitting and my dad was reading the newspaper. ‘Mum, could my friend Cerys stay for dinner please?’ ‘Who’s Cerys?’ she answered with confusion, ‘Cerys is my new friend – she lives in 18 Troyton road.’ ‘Oh well, yes I guess she can. Now go up stairs to the library and do your homework please,’ she said. (Well it wasn’t really a library it was just a big room with books on lots of shelves and 4 tables and two study desks). 

Wow – I wonder what happens next? 

Skye sent in this story on 8th March. It’s very spooky – read on if you dare….!

In The Attic Of Janeway Manor

I’m staying at my aunt’s old house with my mum, my dad and Leah, my little sister. Leah has got long, straight, jet black hair it’s really silky. She has a button nose and a small, petite body. I’m really tall and lanky like a lamp post. I have limp, untidy brown hair. I am 13 and Leah is 7. Most of my friends hate their sisters, but we love each other.

Our old aunt, whom we never even knew, died a month ago and left us Janeway Manor in her will. She didn’t give us anything else only this house. I hate it, Leah goes along with it, but that’s not my style! So tonight were going to get out of bed at 12 pm and investigate the attic to find something or anything wrong with this house so that mum wont want us to live here any more!

Our former house was nice and modern. It smelt new, it, had soft carpet and under-floor heating, but now we’re in this rickety old house! This house has one of those old, rusty fancy ironwork gates with a big padlock on it and it’s in the middle of a forest with no-one around but the hooting owls which keep me awake every night. It has three floors and peeling paint on the walls. It has an old peoples smell to it and the wooden floor gives me scelfs in my feet. Worst of all, it has a haunted house feeling to it. I could imagine a horror movie set here!

Leah is very quiet and is a teachers pet so she doesn’t like to make much of a fuss, but she actually told me that she doesn’t like it here either. Of course mum says “you’ll will get used to it, girls”, but I’m not intending to!

So its 5 o’clock and we’re all sitting at the dinner table eating our takeaway pizzas, because everything’s still in boxes. I am having a pepperoni, Leah’s having a ham and pineapple, mum’s having a four seasons ,(the one with four different cheeses) and dad’s having a mighty meaty with practically every type of meat on it!

I’ve had a bath and watched some TV and its now 9pm and I’m just waiting for my plan to take place. As I sit in my bed in silence I can smell the damp mould in the walls but luckily I have a hot water bottle to comfort and warm me, so I drift off to sleep.

I am woken by a sudden scream! I look at my digital watch and it says its 10:30pm. It sounds like it is from the attic, but I’m not sure because mums got the TV up loud. I go into Leah’s room and climb into her bed beside her and she mumbles,

“what are you doing?”

so I whisper, “its ok I just thought I heard something ,that’s all”.

So we both go to sleep again, but then we both hear a scream and we both sit bolt upright in Leah’s bed. I look at my watch and it says its midnight. The TV’s off and the scream definitely came from the attic this time, so I say,

“lets go investigate!”

Leah complains, “I’m too sleepy”, but I drag her out and whisper “put on your slippers and be very quiet!”.

Mum and dad are now sleeping, but we still have to be careful. We cringe as we walk up the attic steps. Every step we take the stair boards creak. When we get up into the attic we hear a startling cry from a dark corner. I can see Leah backing away towards the stairs, so I grab her hand to stop her falling, but mainly because I’m scared myself. I walk towards the corner, struggling to see in the dim light , but then a whispery voice says,

“duck now!”

So we do and a knife goes flying over our heads !! We run for the door! I get out, but Leah doesn’t! I frantically try to open the door to save her, but when I get it open Leah isn’t there!!!

Oh my goodness! What happened to Leah? Is this the beginning of a longer story, Skye, or do we have to make our own minds up about what was hiding in the Attic, and what became of poor Leah? I can imagine the old house in the middle of the woods with the creaky stairs and old people smell – you describe it very well, and it helps to build the tension in the story. What does anyone else think? If you have any comments about Skye’s story, fill in the contact me form, and I’ll put them here.

This latest story came in from Hanna on 28th January. I think it looks very promising – I want to read on now and see what happens to the girls on their trip. I also like that it’s going to be told from the different points of view – that’s a good device a writer can use to give all sides or perspectives to the story that they’re telling.

(By the way, Hanna, if you’re reading this, I tried to reply to your email directly but it bounced back – could you have made a mistake with your email address when you filled out the form?)

This is the first chapter of a story i wrote. hope u like it!


Six friends had just finished high school, and to celebrate their schooling years they had decided to go on a camping trip to a small lake in the national forest. The things that happened there have been told to you in this combined autobiography of the girls in a story they have never told again.


I closed the boot to the van and hopped into the back seat next to Alex. I buckled up my seatbelt, pulled the door closed and wound down the window.

Mum poked her head in my window, “Ok girls,” she said, “Have fun, stick together and stay safe.” She looked into the very back at Loren, “No silly stunts, ok?” Loren laughed, “Sure Mrs Kirk,” she said.

Mum pulled her head back out and waved, “Bye girls!” she shouted as Layla pushed on the accelerator and the van drove out of the driveway.

“Ok,” exclaimed Izzy from the passenger seat, “Let’s get some tunes on!” she stuck in a CD and turned up the volume to the max.

“Alex, did you put the soccer ball in?” asked Layla, eyes on the road, hands on the wheel. Alex nodded, “Yep! How ’bout we play when we get there?” she asked, talking to everyone. Loren and Eleanor cheered from behind us.

“How long does it take to get there?” I asked after a while, looking outside hopefully. “40 minutes,” replied Eleanor, “we should be there by now.” “Yeah.” said Layla, “about that, I couldn’t remember if I was supposed to turn right or left, so I guessed. I think it was wrong.” “So we’re lost?” exclaimed Alex, “No!” said Layla, she paused, “Well, yeah.”

Loren laughed, “Good one,” she said. Eleanor pushed her, “Shhhh,” she whispered. “Here,” said Izzy, she held up a street directory, “We’ll be right on track in no time. Mel, you know how to use this right?” I smiled, “Yeah,” she handed it to me. I flipped some pages and looked through the index.

“I think it’s this way,” I said.

Let us know what you think of the opening to Hanna’s book by filling in the form in the Contact Me page.Hi Hanna  I really like the way it is told from different people too! Thanks for my comment!Eleanor Xxx

Eleanor has written a spooky Gothic horror story. I really like the way the sentences sound when read aloud, and the ending made me gasp out loud. Read it, and then if you would like to comment, fill in the form in the Contact Me page, and I’ll put your comments after the story.


It was a dark and dreary night, and the dead leaves that had once been alive with colour, rustled on the towering trees, as if whispering evil secrets to each other. Stormy grey clouds hung miserably in the damp air, that made me shiver uncontrollably. Electric lightening bolts tore ferociously through the pitch black sky, the only light I got, apart from the eerie glow of the mysterious moon. Small creatures scuttled around in the long grass under my feet. I could hear the sound of an owl hooting somewhere close by, and it echoed throughout the dismal, never- ending forest, like it would never stop. I felt uneasy. I nervously sat down on a rotted piece of wood that had fallen from a dead tree, long ago. My cold legs were aching terribly. I noticed spooky shadows floating in and out of the trees in the distance. What was out there? I had to keep going. I took a deep breath, and trudged wearily through the undergrowth. Sharp sticks and twigs bit through my trouser leg, cutting my delicate skin with its pointed teeth. I tried to ignore the pain, and also the frightening things going on around me.

A while later, and I was still going. I felt a shiver shoot down my spine, and goosebumps the size of marbles appear on my body. I longed to get home, to sit in front of the warm, welcoming log fire, those orange flame, licking the sides of the chimney. But home was a long way away. Suddenly, I noticed a flickering light in the distance. Were there people? I hoped so. I picked my pace, jogging gently along, eager to find this puzzling glimmer of light. Not once did I take my watering eyes off the glow.

As I drew nearer, I could see mysterious silhouette of a mansion looming above me, jutting out of the ground, as tall as a giant. I was nearly there. However, when I got nearer, I noticed that the mansion was derelict, and fast decaying too. I bent over, head down, trying to catch my breath. I inhaled the sharp, cold air desperately. A sign on the broken door read:” DANGER. NO ENTRY.” I didn’t care- not one little bit. There was light inside, and someone was in there. Someone who would maybe give me a place to stay, food and water, and most importantly, help me get home. I pushed hard on the door, with all my remaining strength. It was locked. How would I get in? I stood still for a moment. Silence. I stepped back and thought. The windows on this place were rotting, the paint was peeling, and the rocks and bricks were crumbling into a grey pile of rubble at the corners of the building. The sign was right- it did look dangerous. A big black spider crawled over my feet, up the decaying wall, and through a gap in the window. I could break the window, I suddenly thought, then I too, could climb through. I picked up a jagged stone from the piles of rubble on the dirty ground, and threw it powerfully at the window. Success! The glass smashed to the ground, and I shielded myself protectively. Shards of glass lay shattered around me, so I carefully tip-toed through them. I climbed up onto the ledge, swung my scratched legs though, and jumped. I scraped my left arm on the glass on the way. Blood tricked like a river down my arm and onto my hand. Ignoring the pain as much as I could, I went on.

Certain doors were locked, but I still managed to find some way through the rooms. Old dusty portraits hung on the damp walls. They were all covered in a thick layer of dust, and I felt their menacing eyes watching me wherever I went. I shivered. Wallpaper was hanging miserably off the walls. Parts of the high ceiling were caving in too, and I was afraid that they might fall on me. The smell of rotting food hung in the air, and strange thudding noises came from the floor above. I needed to get up there.

After passing along more dark corridors, I approached a dangerous looking staircase. They were made of dark brown wood, and the banister had collapsed. Should I risk them? A moments thought, and I was standing nervously on the very first one. I was petrified. I lofted my leg and placed it lightly on the next stair, taking care not to stamp too hard. Creak, creak, creak. I was doing well. Creak, creak, until… BANG! My foot had fallen through the weak wood! I reached out for the banister. Nothing! I was hanging over the edge, my heart beating like a drum. I was just over half way up, quite far from the ground. Now, I was panicking! Should I shout for help? No. Instead, I took a deep breath, and hauled myself up. I pulled my foot out, splintering more bits of wood off. Lots of splinters already, were jammed into my ankle, but I couldn’t do anything about it while I was still stuck on these deathly stairs. I crept up further and further, wary of the horror I had just faced, happening again.

When I reached the top, I collapsed, breathing hard. My left arm was in agony from the shattered window; there wasn’t much light, but I could see a deep gash. Slowly picked out the splinters from my ankle one by one, and stood up, shaking like mad. I hoped that I wasn’t standing on a part of the falling in ceiling that I had seen earlier. I looked up- an eerie shadow swooped around the corner. I pressed myself against the wall, behind a large, old fashioned wardrobe, praying for my life that this “thing” wouldn’t see me. It didn’t look friendly from what I could see of it. It as heading for the stairs I had just come up. It would surely see the broken step- it would know someone was here- me! As soon as I saw it descending, I ran clumsily forward. I soon came across a room with a comforting light inside; the one I had seen from the forest! After all, how many people were exactly going to come to a place like this? I quickly scanned the corridor. The coast was clear. Anxiously, I turned the cold, metal doorknob, and pushed it open. I stepped in, shut the door behind me, and turned around. I expected another dismal, dreary old room, just like all the others, but this one was modern. In fact, it was a science laboratory. Hi-tech machinery was everywhere, and special tools lay on a trolley. A clean, white curtain was closed around something like in a hospital. What was behind there? My mind was racing. I cautiously walked over. The shadow thing I had seen just minutes ago, could come back at any time. What if this was his room? I reached out with my good arm, trembling with fear, and pulled back the curtain…

I inhaled a sharp breath, and my heart stopped beating. It was as if someone had stabbed me right in the back.

Behind the curtain, was a silver hospital bed, and there, lay on top of it, the most ugly, most revolting creature, I had ever seen! I moved closer. It looked menacingly up at me through its big bulging eyes, that rolled in the sockets spookily. His dead black lips lay straight and lifeless on his rotting yellowish skin, as if painted on. His dark matted hair hung in dreadlocks, and draped his broad shoulders like a cloak of evil. Somehow, I didn’t think that his body parts were quite in proportion. It was as if he was made out other people’s body parts, all stuck together. Perhaps he had been, but it troubled me to think that it could be the truth. I shook the disgusting thought out of my head.

Lightening bolts were still striking outside, and there was no sign of the shadowy creature coming back- at the moment. There clearly wasn’t any food or water in here, I thought, and the sooner I got out, the better. I closed the curtains, to make sure no one knew I had been here. I started to make my way back across the room, when I heard a strange grunting noise. It was coming from behind the curtains…

I spun around. I saw the shadow of the monstrous creature on the drawn curtains. It sat up. It was alive! He swung his legs off the bed, and stood up, wobbling like a toddler. He regained its balance, and walked, his feet thudding on the floor, towards me. I screamed, and he growled. He was a monster.

He grunted again. I was absolutely petrified at this point. He was closing in on me. I tried desperately to run, but I was firmly rooted to the spot. He stumbled closer, and suddenly grabbed me! I felt his cold clammy hands close around my neck, choking me. I gasped and gasped. I couldn’t breathe. I felt like the world was closing in on me; doors pressing against me from every possible angle, making me feel as small as a mouse. I thought I was going to die…

SMACK! The heavy door slammed into me, knocking me out for a few moments. I heard a voice scream: “Get off her! Get off her!” And then: “quick! Come on; we haven’t got much time!”

We ran together for our lives, darting this way and that. I was still dazed at what had just happened. After all my hope in the forest that someone would help me and look after me, this is what I had caused. Why had I not kept going? We ran for a bit longer, the monster still shut in the lab.

“Are you OK?” asked my rescuer, sounding very worried.

“Umm, well yeah- I suppose. Who are you?”

“Oh, right. I’m Dr. Jeffery. And you?”

“Catherine Mills. Sorry, did you say Doctor?”

“Yes. I’m a scientist. And a rather bad one too I’m afraid.”

“I’m sure that’s not true.” My voice, still wobbly with fright probably made me sound unsure.

“Oh, well, thank you very much. I expect as soon as you’ve heard this then you won’t think so anymore. You see-“He was cut off in mid sentence. He turned towards me, about to warn me that the monster was coming, but I was already halfway down the hall.

“Come on!” I cried.

The sound of thudding footsteps was getting louder. We shot off again, my arm and ankle absolutely killing me now. He was right behind us, judging by the noise. We turned another corner- dead end! What were we going to do? Nothing could save me this time; I felt sure that my brilliant luck was about to run out when:

“Quick! In here!” I had spotted a small cupboard. It was squished in side, and covered with silver cobwebs, but it would do. We took the key from the outside and fiddled with the lock on the inside. We were safe for now. The monster was now right outside. It hadn’t seen us jump in, thank goodness, although I could hear him breathing. After a few minutes, he turned and plodded off again.

“Go on. What were you saying before?”

“OK- but you really won’t want to hear this now. I created that thing.”

He looked down, as if ashamed. I was slightly taken aback by what he had just said. How could anyone do such a thing?

“You made that hideous monster?

“He’s not a monster,” said Dr. Jeffery, defending himself. “At least, he wasn’t meant to be. I was lonely, and I wanted a companion. So, I decided to make him, only he must have gone wrong- I must have gone wrong. Like I said, I really am very sorry. He nearly killed you.”

“It’s OK, honestly. Don’t forget, you saved me too. Thank you.”

“So why are you here?”

I began to tell my story, beginning to end. The forest, the mansion, my injuries, everything. When I got to the part about my injuries, he looked closely at them.

“I would have bandaged them up, but I left my first aid kit in the lab. We don’t want another run in with my invention do we?”

I shook my head. Then, I told Dr. Jeffery about the shadow thing I had seen earlier. To my relief, it had been him.

“I saw the broken step, and I nearly fell myself. I got down a few more, when I heard you scream. That was when it clicked. You had come up the stairs, fallen, and then made your way into my laboratory,” he explained.

When we were sure that outside was safe, we crawled out, and down the stairs, past all those old, musty portraits again, the caved in ceiling, the hanging off wallpaper, and everything else too. We made it to the forest. We decided to go and get help, but first, we sat down on the muddy floor, exhausted, and starving too. We ate some of Dr. Jeffery’s provisions in silence, reflecting on what had just happened. It was so unreal, like a dream. I wished it had been. We clambered up, and walked on for about 10 minutes. My watch read 12:47am. We couldn’t see any houses, or people, but it was late, and we decided to get some rest ourselves. The cold was really getting to me now. I was as cold as an iceberg. I lay down on the wet floor beside Dr. Jeffery, and covered myself with leaves, to add a bit of warmth.

I had a surprisingly pleasant dream, considering all that I had just been through. I must have slept for about an hour, but was rudely awoken by a painful kick in the ribs. I immediately opened my eyes, only to find that the horrible nightmare that had haunted me earlier return. The monster was back…It was holding one of the sharpest tools I had seen earlier lying on the work trolley. I tied to reach out for Dr. Jeffery as I couldn’t seem a get a word out of my throat when I needed it so desperately. I couldn’t reach, though; he was pinning me down to the floor, like a cat and its mouse. I knew the end was approaching, and here was nothing I could do about it. I felt the sharp blade of the knife slit across my throat.

I was falling into a deep sleep, never to be woken…

Comments on Eleanor’s story:i have just read the spooky story written by Eleanor and i loved it! she is very talented and i did not expect the ending!

i loved the describing words, it felt like i was actually in the spooky mansion!

Hanna xxx

Rubii Leather is the first to be brave enough to show her writing to the world. It think it’s brilliant! What do you think? Why not read the start of Rubii’s story and then send in your comments on the contact me page.

Something is wrong, thought Sky. As she closed the front door she looked down the hall and in the gloominess she couldn’t make anything out.

“Mum!” she called tossing her school bag down on the floor “I’m home. Where you at?” She could hear murmuring in the lounge. “Hello?” she called again. “Robbie this isn’t funny” she yelled to her twin brother.

“Sky is that you hunny?” called her mum. “Come into the living room.”

Sky sighed and walked into the living room. She began to talk to her mum: “I’ve been shouting for ages I…”

“Hello darling how was school? Well grab a snack then come and help pack. We are going on holiday! It’s been in the air but I wanted it to be a surprise what do you think, eh?”

“Well umm cool. It’s a bit sudden though – when are we going? Where are we going?”

Mum laughed. “We set off tonight and we are going to New York. How wonderful – me and your dad have got it sorted. Just get ready please Sky, oh and we are going for a month”

“Wow, a month – pretty neat. I better get packing! New York I cannot believe it. Where is Robbie?” Said Sky.

Why is her mum acting so brisk and nervous? A holiday to New York isn’t just in the air. Something was wrong. Shrugging off the thoughts Sky forced her self to listen to what her mum was blabbering on about.

“Robbie has just popped out to say bye to his mates. You might want to do the same, but be quick we leave at 11:30 for the airport ok? I don’t care what you do just be packed and ready for that time. Oh, and darling get some food from Morrison’s eh? We are going to need some for when we arrive. Take my credit card – you know the code. Well see you soon babe,” said mum. “You might also like to change some money into dollars.”

“Sure, well see you in a bit” said Sky running out the door.

She pelted down the road to the park where she knew all her friends would be hanging out. She could see them in the distance. She called “Miranda, Charlie, Shaun, Mike!” They all waved and came over, her girlfriends Miranda and Charlie squealed and grabbed her.

“I thought you were grounded” Miri said.

“Yeh how come you’re out?” agreed Charlie.

“I got some news. Me and my family are going to New York for a month’s holiday!” laughed Sky. She laughed even more when she saw her friends faces all were gob smacked. Her boyfriend Shaun was the first to break the silence by shouting “WOW that is so cool I’m going to miss you so much though”.

“I know I know I’m going to miss you as well” murmured Sky, they hugged him hard then she hugged her Miri and Charlie she even hugged Mike Shaun’s friend.

“Oh I’m gonna miss you guys SOOO much” she said.

“Yeh, we will miss you more,” said Charlie.

“Hey can I come?” Joked Miri. They all laughed and started walking down the road. Miri, Charlie and Mike walked ahead, whilst Sky and Shaun lagged behind holding hands.

“Oh Shaun I wish you could come it, would be so cool eh?” Said Sky.

“Yeh it would be awesome. I will ring you and stuff but it will cost us loads don’t forget to send me a postcard ok?”

“How could I forget?” Smiled Sky. “Anyway there will probs be a computer in the hotel if it has the internet I can talk to you on Bebo and MSN.”

“Now listen Sky,” warned Shaun, “you just be careful and safe ok?”

“Sure,” said Sky, and she leant over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Shaun turned around and kissed her on the lips. Sky smiled and they walked on into town.

“Hey what about these?” said Mike holding up a pair of goofy white flip flops. Miri giggled. She had fancied Mike since year 5. Now in year 10 she still hadn’t plucked up the courage to ask him out. He is quite good looking, thought Sky, shaking her head at them teasing each other, if you liked that type. He had spiky blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. He was slightly overweight though, but he had a brilliant personality. As for Shaun, he was the hottest boy in the school. He has amazing green eyes that sparkled and glittered every time he was happy and his hair – wow it was so cool! It was black and floppy with an under layer of dark brown. He was also tanned no matter what time of year it was. He had his ear pierced all the way up and he was so toned Sky knew she was lucky to have him and she intended to keep it that way. She was a little worried that when she went away some other girl might catch his eye – but she wasn’t too flustered about it, after all they had been together for two years. Sky thought she was ok looking; she has big brown eyes with very long lashes and heart shaped lips with pearly white teeth. Her hair was long and layered and spiky on top then very straight hanging down. It was dark blonde with brown streaks. She was ok with all of this and she had quite a nice figure but she hated the scar. It was on her arm – it was weird; a little pattern that looked like a dagger. Her parents had no idea where it had come from and she’d had it for as long as she could remember but she hated it and it always knocked her self confidence. She turned around shuddering and grabbed what she needed then she hurried out after her friends. Soon all her friends had to go and she was near tears. She clung to Shaun and he hugged her back hard then he gave her a proper kiss. Her friends whistled and joked but she was still upset when Shaun walked off with Mike. He kept turning and giving little waves. She turned round and linked with Miri and Charlie they walked her to Morrison’s then had one last big hug and departed.

“Bye chick. Be careful!” shouted Charlie, jogging off Miri and Sky waved. Then Miri turned and said “Don’t get to much off a tan, I will be so jealous!” They both laughed then Miri added, “I really gotta go now. Have a good time. I will text you. bye!”

“Bye,” sniffed Sky and Miri leaped on her bus and waved wildly until it was out of sight.

Sky looked around her it was starting to get gloomy and her heart suddenly thudded, she had to pack and everything before 11 ‘o’ clock, and she still had a long walk home plus some other shopping to sort out. She ran into Morrison’s and skimmed across the shelves, she grabbed deodorant, shower gel and shampoo, some light make-up, some hairspray and some other toiletries ect. She ran to the till and paid for her items then asked for 15 pounds to be put on her mobile. Nearly sorted, she hurried next door to the little post office and changed 225 pounds into dollars she got about 400 dollars! All her savings were nearly gone, but she thought it was worth it! Carefully placing the money in her purse she began jogging home, as she raced down the sidewalk heading for home she didn’t notice the figure leer from the shadows and start following her home!!!

Out of breath and fed up Sky heaved her shoulder against the front door then lunged for the stairs. When she got to the landing she flicked the light on and walked to her room. As she passed her brother’s room something lunged put and grabbed her, wrestling her to the floor. She screamed, that’s when the figure rolled off laughing “got ya again!”

“ROBBIE!” sky screamed. Her mum came running to the bottom of the stairs. “For god’s sakes you two you’re driving me insane! Sky get to your room and Robbie leave your poor sister alone and get packing both of you. We are leaving the house in 2 hours!”

“Yeah leave me alone you creep” scowled Sky sticking her tongue out.

“Shut up sis or I’ll get you again!” retorted Robbie pulling an even more hideous face back.

“Whatever,” sighed Sky, slamming her door in his face. She dumped her carrier bags on her bed and flopped onto it. She couldn’t shake the feeling of dread swirling in the pit of her stomach. Frustrated with herself she lugged her pink suitcase out from under her bed and started the mammoth task of packing.

“Urggggg” Sky moaned again, punching her suitcase with distress. “Come on!” she pleaded, jumping on the case and just managing to squeeze up the zip. “YES!” She squealed triumphantly. Suddenly a sarcastic voice rose from the door:

“Oh yes, thank you suitcase – you’re my best friend and I love talking to you,” mimicked Robbie in a high pitched voice. Sky gave him a sour look and stood up. He was SO annoying! She had had enough. She lunged forward and grabbed his shirt yanking him to the floor, scratching his face, pulling his hair, slapping at his body. Robbie yelled and tried to push Sky back – he easily rolled her off and stood up. “You psycho!” He screeched, wiping at the claw marks smeared with blood round his face. “Are you trying to ruin my looks?”

“Oh shut up!” Screamed Sky. “How can you be so vain?” She felt so frustrated and confused she didn’t even want to go on a stupid holiday with a moron like him. She was missing loads with her friends and boyfriend to be isolated with her unbearable family. Even though she knew she was over reacting she burst into baby tears. She couldn’t take Robbie – he always wound her up! When she started crying Robbie sat down and shuffled nearer. “What is up sis?” he said trying to put his arm round her.

“Fat lot you care,” sniffed Sky. “Just get out of my room.”

“I was only trying to help” said Robbie.

“Yeh, well you’re the reason why I’m so upset. can’t you just leave me be for two seconds? And the next time you eavesdrop on my conversations and barge into my room without knocking I’ll do more then just scratch you!” shouted Sky but in ruder language. Robbie reeled back “God, take a chill pill. Idiot! And I wouldn’t call talking to your suitcase a conversation,” He muttered .

“I’m warning you,” glowered Sky.

“Ok, ok with your little cat scratches,” laughed Robbie.

“GET OUT” Yelled Sky grabbing her trainer and flinging it at him. He batted it away and ducked out of the room chuckling.

Sky swore all the bad words she knew! Later, she was sitting in her room tracing the weird little scar which protruded on her arm. Sighing she slowly wheeled her case out to the car.

Later on, Sky was just about to vacate her room when a sudden chill came over her. She had felt withdrawn and peculiar all night but this was definitely a bizarre feeling. She flicked the light on again and scanned the room. It was in that moment she noticed that the window was slightly ajar. She could of sworn she had had it closed all night. A cold chill began worming it’s way up her spine, she gulped and realized her hands were cold and clammy. She took a deep breath and hurried over to the window. Sliding it up she shoved her head out and scanned the street outside. She didn’t know why she was checking the street she obviously had just left it open a tad, but she just wanted to e sure nobody was watching her.

Little did she know, her fears were becoming reality!Ruby wrote this message after I put her story on the ii on your websiite !thaty is immense !Thanks Sarah it means alot!ALSO THE GIRL CANT MEMBER HER NAME SORRI who has posted her story about the haunted mansion that is well good too !:)

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