The Porpoise – Mark Haddon – 10.08.20

I have enjoyed other books by Mark Haddon, so was looking forward to this one. I didn’t really know what to expect and I was very quickly drawn into the book’s exciting opening scenes of a dramatic plane crash. Then the story follows a father bereaved of his wife and left with a newborn daughterContinue reading “The Porpoise – Mark Haddon – 10.08.20”

Shadowplay – Joseph O’Connor – (Audiobook) – 07.08.20

I just finished listening to this audiobook, and I have a kind of mixed reaction. First, it has a lot to commend it: based on the life of Bram Stoker, mostly during the time when he worked as a stage manager at the London Lyceum Theatre with the famous actors, Sir Harry Irving and EllenContinue reading “Shadowplay – Joseph O’Connor – (Audiobook) – 07.08.20”

The Torment of Others (Tony Hill and Carol Jordan, Book 4) – Val McDermid – 04.08.20

I’m not a huge fan of crime thriller books, although, oddly enough I do enjoy a moody crime thriller series on the tv (Just binge watched all four series of Cardinal and loved it). Jan McDermid is a good writer though, and one of the few crime thriller writers I enjoy. This book had lotsContinue reading “The Torment of Others (Tony Hill and Carol Jordan, Book 4) – Val McDermid – 04.08.20”

The Shell Collector – Anthony Doerr – 28.07.20

This was my book group read for August, and I probably wouldn’t have read it otherwise as I’m generally not a fan of short stories, although I do love Anthony Doerr’s novels – All The Light We Cannot See, and About Grace. Well, I’m glad I did read it as the writing was really beautifulContinue reading “The Shell Collector – Anthony Doerr – 28.07.20”

Calypso – David Sedaris – (AUDIOBOOK) – 28.07.20

I’m not sure why I bought this, because it’s really not the sort of thing I usually go for – I had it on kindle, and also on Audible so I’m guessing it was the 99p kindle deal one day and adding audible must have been cheap too (my memory is so bad!) so IContinue reading “Calypso – David Sedaris – (AUDIOBOOK) – 28.07.20”

The Quantum Curators and the Fabergé Egg: An alternate history, time-travel adventure. Allons-y! – Eva St. John – 25.07.20

I’m a fan of the St Mary’s time travelling historians books by Jodi Taylor, and this book, first in a new series by Eva St. John is in many ways very similar. The Quantum Curators are inhabitants of an alternate version of our Earth which they call Earth Alpha, as opposed to Earth Beta (ourContinue reading “The Quantum Curators and the Fabergé Egg: An alternate history, time-travel adventure. Allons-y! – Eva St. John – 25.07.20”

The Luminaries – Eleanor Catton – (AUDIOBOOK) – 21.07.20

I had this book on both Audio and kindle, and although I mostly listened to the story, I did sometimes dip into reading a bit on the kindle, and immediately upon finishing the book I watched the BBC miniseries adaptation, so all in all it’s been a multisensory experience! The book is told from theContinue reading “The Luminaries – Eleanor Catton – (AUDIOBOOK) – 21.07.20”

Big Sky (Jackson Brodie Book 5) – Kate Atkinson – 17.07.20

I enjoyed this next installment in the Jackson Brodie private investigator whodunnit series (although I wished I’d re-read some of the previous ones because I’d forgotten lots of his backstory and relationships etc). Set in the seedy world of human trafficking and historical child abuse rings the plot was interesting, the characters well rounded andContinue reading “Big Sky (Jackson Brodie Book 5) – Kate Atkinson – 17.07.20”

The Constant Rabbit – Jasper FForde – 09.07.20

I had recently re-read (actually listened to) Shades of Grey, which is fabulous, and so was really looking forward to this book. In many ways it’s similar to Shades of Grey, in that it’s satirical and political while still being humorous and light. Set in an alternate version of England, where in the 1960s anContinue reading “The Constant Rabbit – Jasper FForde – 09.07.20”

The Bedlam Stacks – Natasha Pulley – (AUDIOBOOK) – 04.07.20

It took me quite a long time to get invested in this audiobook. I’d had high hopes because of loving The Watchmaker of Filigree Street so much, but this is a very different book. The first part, where our main character is introduced – a young man whose once landed family are down on theirContinue reading “The Bedlam Stacks – Natasha Pulley – (AUDIOBOOK) – 04.07.20”