The Music Shop – Rachel Joyce – 14.01.21

This is a really lovely book. The main character, Frank is a middle aged man who had an unconventional upbringing by his bohemian but mentally ill single mother who instilled in him a passionate love for music – telling him tales that brought to life pieces of music from classical to jazz, pop, rock etc…Continue reading “The Music Shop – Rachel Joyce – 14.01.21”

The Once and Future Witches – Alix E. Harrow – 12.01.21

I was excited to read this, because I loved the Ten Thousand Doors of January so much. I have to say, that even though I really liked this book, for me it wasn’t as great as The Ten Thousand Doors. This is a more traditional tale of witches being just women trying to survive inContinue reading “The Once and Future Witches – Alix E. Harrow – 12.01.21”

Dear Edward – Ann Napolitano (BOOKGROUP) – 02.01.21

This was my book group read for December/January, and probably not a book I would have picked up otherwise, which just goes to show that book group enriches my life! My review contains semi-spoilers, so read on at your peril… It is the story of a twelve year old boy who is the only survivorContinue reading “Dear Edward – Ann Napolitano (BOOKGROUP) – 02.01.21”

Horrorstorr – Grady Hendrix (AUDIOBOOK) – 31.12.20

I wanted an audiobook for my husband, Paul, and I to listen to on our road trip to my mother’s funeral. We were travelling between Christmas and New Year with the added fun of a surge in Covid cases making new travel restrictions be enforced daily! Our trip took us from our home in NorthernContinue reading “Horrorstorr – Grady Hendrix (AUDIOBOOK) – 31.12.20”

The Copper Heart (Crow Investigations Book 5) – Sarah Painter – 29.12.20

I really love Sarah Painter’s Crow Investigations books. Like Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London series, Crow Investigations is a modern urban supernatural series set in London. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the characters of Lydia, the reluctant new head of the Crow magical family, her ghostly flatmate and her love interest policeman who is notContinue reading “The Copper Heart (Crow Investigations Book 5) – Sarah Painter – 29.12.20”

Away With the Penguins – Hazel Prior – 27.12.20

My daughter recommended this book to me as a sweet and lovely read, and she was right! A grumpy old lady, Veronica, contemplates her legacy and decides she wants to visit a penguin research centre at the South Pole with a view to leaving her vast fortune to them after her death. We learn aboutContinue reading “Away With the Penguins – Hazel Prior – 27.12.20”

The Ordeal of the Haunted Room (Chronicles of St Marys Short Story) – Jodi Taylor – 26.12.20

Every year Jodi Taylor releases a St Mary’s short story on Christmas Day and this is 2020s. I loved it! It’s an atmospheric Victorian haunted house murder mystery and I very much enjoyed reading it over snatched moments on Christmas Day and Boxing day. Thanks Jodi Taylor and happy Christmas to you and yours!

Deeplight – Frances Hardinge – 23.12.20

As I mentioned in my previous review (for Ready Player Two) my mum just died (on 14th December) and for that reason I decided to read this young adult fantasy novel by Frances Hardinge because I was looking for a gentle ‘easy’ read. Well, I should have know better than imagining that a Frances HardingeContinue reading “Deeplight – Frances Hardinge – 23.12.20”

Ready Player Two – Earnest Cline (AUDIOBOOK) – 23.12.20

So, my mum died on 14th December. It was pretty sudden; she had been hale and hearty the last time I spoke to her on the phone, two days later she had a massive stroke from which she never fully regained consciousness and died after eleven days. Because of Covid rules, she wasn’t allowed visitorsContinue reading “Ready Player Two – Earnest Cline (AUDIOBOOK) – 23.12.20”

We Sold Our Souls – Grady Hendrix – 13.12.20

I loved this book! I’m a member of a book group that happens to be all female (a man did come a couple of times but he hasn’t been in a while) and at 51 I’m the youngest member. The girls are by no means ‘fuddy duddy’, and yet they are unanimously horrified when IContinue reading “We Sold Our Souls – Grady Hendrix – 13.12.20”