The Song of the Quarkbeast (The Last Dragonslayer Book 2) Jasper FForde – 15.07.21 and The Eye of Zoltar (The Last Dragonslayer, Book 3) – Jasper Fforde – 18.07.21

I remember reading the first in the Last of The Dragonslayers series a while ago, and not being that impressed – I don’t know what got in to me, because I loved books two and three! I guess Jasper Fforde’s style can be a bit annoying if you’re not in the mood for it – sometimes the humour is a bit base and slapstick, but the writing, plotting and characterisation are by no means infantile. These books are loaded with pathos, wisdom and raw human emotion. I guess I was in the mood this time, because the humour made me chortle and snicker in between wiping away tears and being on the edge of my seat with the tension. Although the setting is a world with magic and magical creatures, the motivations of the characters are all too relatable, from governmental corruption to capitalistic greed through to love, honour and the need for redemption. After reading these two books, I watched The Last of The Dragonslayers film which I also loved!

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