The Great Troll War (The Last Dragonslayer Chronicles Book 4) – Jasper Fforde (AUDIOBOOK) – 20.09.21

In this installment of The Last Dragonslayer series, trolls are invading the ununited kingdoms and there is little hope for the survival of humans against their endless numbers and merciless killing. As is usual for Jasper FForde, there is a lot of humour as well as pathos and thought provoking stuff and wonderful character development. Gentle fun is poked at many fairy tale tropes (like arrogant handsome princes expecting the princesses to swoon at their derring do etc.) . This is supposed to be the final book in the series, and we do get to learn some of the secrets of Jennifer Strange’s backstory, but I can’t help hoping that Jasper Fforde decides to keep the story going (I’m still desperately hoping for the promised sequel to Shades of Grey thought, so, whatever…)

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