The Night Ship – Jess Kidd (Audiobook) – 19.08.22

This book follows two parallel stories, one set in the 16 hundreds, and the other in the 1980s. Both are told from the perspective of young children – Mayken, a young Dutch girl aboard the infamous ship Batavia, famous in real live for the horrific events surrounding its shipwreck near an island off the coastContinue reading The Night Ship – Jess Kidd (Audiobook) – 19.08.22

Everyday Magic: The Adventures of Alfie Blackstack – Jess Kidd and Beatriz Castro – 9.04.21

I think Jess Kidd is a fabulous writer and I have loved everything I have read/listened to by her so far. Her other books (that I am aware of) have been for adults, all with some supernatural or magical realism element (my fav!) and written with dark wit but also real human feeling and depthContinue reading “Everyday Magic: The Adventures of Alfie Blackstack – Jess Kidd and Beatriz Castro – 9.04.21”

Himself – Jess Kidd (Audiobook) – 15.06.20

Another lovely Jess Kidd audiobook with a gorgeous Irish narrator. Like other Jess Kidd books there’s magical realism as the main character Mahony (with emphasis on Ma and the middle consonant sounding like you’re clearing your throat) constantly seeing and being able to communicate with dead people. He recieves a letter with a clue toContinue reading “Himself – Jess Kidd (Audiobook) – 15.06.20”

The Hoarder – Jess Kidd – 21.05.20

The funniest thing just happened! I keep a word document which I update whenever I finish reading a book or listening to an audiobook so I don’t forget when I get behind writing up my blog (which is pretty much all the time…) and I was so convinced that I remembered the lovely Irish voiceContinue reading “The Hoarder – Jess Kidd – 21.05.20”