Everyday Magic: The Adventures of Alfie Blackstack – Jess Kidd and Beatriz Castro – 9.04.21

Everyday Magic: The Adventures of Alfie Blackstack eBook: Kidd, Jess, Castro,  Beatriz: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

I think Jess Kidd is a fabulous writer and I have loved everything I have read/listened to by her so far. Her other books (that I am aware of) have been for adults, all with some supernatural or magical realism element (my fav!) and written with dark wit but also real human feeling and depth of characterisation as well as interesting and well rounded plots. When I heard she had a kids book coming out, I went ahead and preordered it, even though I’m 51!

Well, I loved it! With elements of Roald Dahl and Diana Wynne Jones (and JK Rowling, because of the magic and all that…). A young boy loses both his parents to independent and equally gruesome accidental deaths and goes to live with his estranged aunts, who turn out to be practising witches and he discovers his magical heritage. Jess Kidd, I think manages to strike the perfect balance of humour/pathos/peril and heartwarming ‘ah’ moments as we get to know the characters and thankfully the book ended with an opening to a sequel/series, which I would definitely be buying and reading if it did come out!

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