The Hoarder – Jess Kidd – 21.05.20

The funniest thing just happened! I keep a word document which I update whenever I finish reading a book or listening to an audiobook so I don’t forget when I get behind writing up my blog (which is pretty much all the time…) and I was so convinced that I remembered the lovely Irish voice narrating this story to me that I changed the listing from Kindle book to audiobook, but just to check I looked at my read books on my kindle and my listened to books on my audible app, and it was a kindle book not an audiobook! I guess the story just spoke to my inner voice so strongly I was sure I’d listened to it!! I loved the story – part whodunnit, part ghost story, part just lovely character driven drama – Jess Kidd is my current fiction writer crush!

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I'm an erstwhile writer and forever reader and book reviewer.

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