Long Shadows: Elizabeth Cage, Book 3 – Jodi Taylor – 09.08.21

I’m a big fan of Jodi Taylor, and I’ve read everything she has published so far, but I think (actually I’m sure) that this Elizabeth Cage series (and also the Frogmorton Farm series) are my absolute favourites.

Elizabeth Cage, the series hero is an introvert and a loner (yes, one of the reasons I love her is because I relate so much to that!) but with unusual powers. She can see people’s ‘colours’ kind of like an aura around people which gives clues to their personality and also show if the person is happy or stressed or lying etc. She has some nice relationships (friendships and love interests) and scary nemesis’s and she also sometimes unleashes scary powers of her own.

This installment in the series explained a lot of what is going on with her which was interesting as well as being exciting and moving and a lot of fun to read. Bring on the next book!!

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