Dreadful Company: A Dr Greta Helsing Novel – 01.08.21 Grave Importance: A Dr Greta Helsing Novel – Vivian Shaw – 04.08.21

I love the character of Dr Greta Helsing – physician to the magical/supernatural beings that live among us.

Dreadful company is mostly about vampires. Some of Greta’s best friends are vampires, and she knows well their struggles and battles to live as (literally) bloodthirsty immortals but still retain their honour and dignity and do as little harm as possible. In Paris a different type of vampire is building a ‘dreadful company’ of subservient sanguivores in the catacombs under the city. They are running amok in the city and causing all kinds of trouble, not to mention unsettling the balance of reality that could result in world changing cataclysm. Greta is kidnapped by the gang and while her friends try to rescue her, she sets about to rescue herself and there is excitement and fighting (and some very cute little furry magical creatures).

Grave Importance mostly concerns Mummies (ancient Egyptian) as well as angels and demons (and vampires). Greta is asked to step in as interim medical director at a high end clinic and spa for Mummies in the French Alps. She is looking forward to the use of great facilities in a beautiful setting as well as putting into practice some of her ground breaking theories in mummy care. Bad things start happening, and once again the future of the whole world is hanging in the balance. This book reminded me a bit of my all time favourite book Good Omens, in that it’s really good, and that angels and demons feature quite a lot and they are not demons = bad and angels = good, but rather more nuanced and complicated. There are also some very lovely and sweet romances and interesting use of language – all in all a very good series of books which I highly recommend.

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