The Diet Compass – Bas Kast – 01.05.21

When a slim fit 40 year old collapsed with chest pains, he realised that he could no longer get away with his unhealthy junk food diet, and went all out researching the science behind what constitutes a truly healthy diet.

I don’t read many non fiction books, less still ‘self-help’ type books because I’m annoyed by people who get obsessed by fads and pseudoscience nonsense, but what I liked about this book was that the author also hated all the bunkum out there and actually looked at the wealth of peer reviewed and properly tested scientific papers and weighed up their findings to put together a well informed guide.

A lot of his findings just agreed with the conclusions I’ve already come to about healthy eating and lifestyle (who doesn’t like being told they are right, right?!) but my one major takeaway, funnily enough was to switch to filter coffee over French press or capsules as he points out papers showing the benefits of drinking coffee when made using this method as the filter removes harmful chemicals but leaves the ones that are actually good for you.

Fun book. My husband got annoyed at me for constantly telling him nuggets of information I’d just read!

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