The City of Mirrors – Justin Cronin – 13.02.21

I enjoyed this third part of the trilogy better than book two. There was a lot of back story on the character ‘zero’ who was the first person to carry the virus that started the whole vampire viral apocalypse. There was also quite a lot of magical realism type stuff in this book, which anyone who reads a lot of my reviews will know that I love! The remaining people who have been altered by the virus to become something ‘superhuman’ seem to exist largely in a kind of dream state in a heaven or nirvana of their own making, and also seem to be able to communicate telepathically with each other, and to a degree with the still human people who mean a lot to them. I thought the book wrapped up the series nicely with most characters getting the justice they deserved even if it was sometimes bittersweet. I also liked the ending that happened 1000 years after the initial viral uprising – it reminded me of the ending of the Mortal Engines books series by Philip Reeve which I still vividly remember years later because of the emotional kick it gave me!

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