The Magnus Archives Series Two (Podcast Series) – Jonathan Sims – 07.02.21

Series two is episodes 41 – 80 of the horror anthology series. Each episode lasts about 25 minutes. The Magnus Archive is an old institute in London (I think) where they keep records of sinister supernatural happenings. The archivists seem to read out written statements to record them on cassette tape (as any more sophisticated digital recording systems don’t appear to work in the institute). The stories have a nightmarish feel – with evil spider creatures, body snatchers, animated mannequins, powerful books made of human skin etc etc. As this series progresses, the archivists become more than just the people reading the statements as bad things start happening to them and they realise they are trapped in a very dangerous situation. Series one was mostly Jonathan Sims reading statements, but this series has a larger cast and some sort of ‘actiony’ episodes. I prefer the ones which are just someone reading a statement and the multi-voice action scenes are sometimes a little hard to follow, but I get how they are important to carry along the overriding mystery story. I’m still enjoying the series very much!

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