Piranesi – Susanna Clarke – 16.02.21

I didn’t know much about the plot of this book when I started, which is good because a lot of the fun is in figuring out what is going on and who to trust. I loved Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, (although it’s years since I’ve read it) and so I was excited to read this. I was absolutely gripped by this book – the writing is beautiful and mesmerising, and the descriptions of the house where it is set conjures up so many images and feelings. I had to look up Piranesi who the title character is named for, and discovered he was an Italian artist who did lots of etchings of buildings and especially prisons, with great detail and often with mind bending impossible geometry (similar to Escher). Seeing Piranesi’s drawings helped with my mental image of the house, although it wasn’t really necessary as the writing is so evocative on its own. I loved the mystery of the book, I really bonded with the narrator and of course, I loved the esoteric, metaphysical aspects of the story. Great book, I totally loved it and now I’m sad it’s over!

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