The Zeta Family – Gretchen Enders (Audible Audiobook – Original recording) Narrated by: Natasha Lyonne , Kevin Nealon , Amy Goodmurphy – 03.11.20

I have been very much enjoying listening to Audible Original productions lately, and this was another fun one. It’s a comedy sci-fi (one of my favourite genres) although, actually now that I’ve written that down, I’m thinking maybe wasn’t really sci-fi…?? It is set in New York State and is about a young woman who decides to infiltrate a cult so she can write a story about it in order to break into a career in journalism. The cult is based on the leaders belief in some kind of parallel world alien stuff, and it is wonderfully narrated by the raspy voiced and hilarious Natasha Lyonne (from Orange is The New Black and Russian Dolls). All the characters have secrets and many of them are Canadian. I loved it.

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