Ayoade on Ayoade – Richard Ayoade (AUDIOBOOK) – 02.11.20

‘Surreal and Hilarious’ is the quote from The Guardian on the cover of this Audiobook and I have to agree. In my house, the quiz show ‘pointless’ is watched daily, and the two hosts, Richard and Alexander often riff with each other by one of them saying a blatantly untrue ‘fact’ and them discussing it in outrageous and nonsensical detail. This book reminded me of one of their riffs on steroids. I know and love Richard Ayoade from his show ‘travel man’ and his appearances on panel shows like ‘have I got news for you’ (I didn’t watch The Mighty Boosh, or the IT Crowd which he is perhaps most famous for) and so I was familiar with his dry often sarcastic wit. The book is a parody of overly pretentious navel gazing arty farty works and consists of Ayoade being interviewed by a second person who is also Ayoade on the subject of film and his relationship to it (he has directed two fabulously surreal movies: ‘Submarine’ and ‘The Double’ and appeared in one or two somewhat questionable movies as an actor). It is very strange. I loved that the audiobook was narrated by the author, even though he repeatedly cut in with asides asserting that the book really doesn’t work in this format and the listener really should have bought it as a physical copy. It made me laugh out loud at times, and just say ‘what the heck’ at others but on the whole, it was a very enjoyable experience.

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