The Connection – David Billingsley – 01.11.20

After I posted a link to this blog on Twitter, the author David Billingsley contacted me offering me a free pdf (or Kobo ebook) copy of his book in return for a review. I decided to just buy it on Kindle since I don’t like those formats and I found the premise of the book quite intriguing. For me, the book felt like a cross between Gilmore Girls and The Twilight Zone. Set in small town America (it’s a very American book, which unfortunately is off putting for me as a proud citizen of ‘anywhere but America’) it has a gentle slow feel as we get to know some of the people who live in the town and their backstories, and the mysterious element of a stranger who appears (naked) in town, and has a curious affect on people – most men get very angry and aggressive around him, and most women seem to want to marry or mother him. Like many books, the pace dipped in the middle and I struggled to retain interest, but it picked up again and the ending was somewhat satisfying. I didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. It gets a lot of good reviews from other readers, so it maybe just wasn’t my cup of tea.

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