Hard Time: an irresistible spinoff from the Chronicles of St Mary’s that will make you laugh out loud (The Time Police) – Jodi Taylor – 25.10.20

As is sometimes the case with books in the Jodi Taylor ‘St Mary’s’ or ‘Time Police’ series, it took me a while to get into this book, and I started to wonder if I have had enough of Jodi Taylor’s time travel sagas (I know, I should wash my mouth out with soap!), then the characters and plot started to grab me and I remembered why I keep coming back for more. Max’s son from the St Mary’s books is all grown up and a trainee at the Time Police Headquarters, and with the other members of ‘team weird’ he is busy being a maverick and not fitting it but managing to save the day with pluck and quick thinking just in the knick(ers) of time. I’ve read all the Jodi Taylor books, and while this would not be my favourite, it was still a good read and I will continue to buy and read the future books in the series.

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