Home Going – Yaa Gyasi (BOOKGROUP) – 11.11.20


This was my book group read for November and a really good book. The book follows seven generations starting with two Ghanaian sisters whose lives took them on very different paths as one was taken as the wife of a British slave trader, and the other was taken as a slave and sold to America. There is a family tree in the front of the book which would have been very helpful, except as I read it on kindle it was too footery for me to keep flipping back and checking it. That said, it was not too hard to follow the structure where chapters tell the story of each generation alternating between the two families. Of course there was shocking instances of people’s cruelty to other people, but there was also glimpses of light and strength of human character, and although the book was something like a series of short stories as the main character changed each chapter, the thread of the family and how we are all products of our family histories lived through the plot. I found it very readable and well written and well worth reading.

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