The Quantum Curators and the Fabergé Egg: An alternate history, time-travel adventure. Allons-y! – Eva St. John – 25.07.20

I’m a fan of the St Mary’s time travelling historians books by Jodi Taylor, and this book, first in a new series by Eva St. John is in many ways very similar. The Quantum Curators are inhabitants of an alternate version of our Earth which they call Earth Alpha, as opposed to Earth Beta (our Earth). They are able to travel via some sort of quantum wormhole to Earth Beta, and arrive at a time of their choosing, and their job is to collect valuable and significant items that are about to be destroyed or lost for ever on Earth beta, in order to display them in their museum. Like the St. Mary’s books, the style is fairly lighthearted, with humour and relationships between characters being just as important as the excitement of the chasing down of artifacts and evading baddies part of the plot. I enjoyed the book and have pre-ordered the next in the series.

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