Calypso – David Sedaris – (AUDIOBOOK) – 28.07.20

I’m not sure why I bought this, because it’s really not the sort of thing I usually go for – I had it on kindle, and also on Audible so I’m guessing it was the 99p kindle deal one day and adding audible must have been cheap too (my memory is so bad!) so I went for it. Well, I’m glad I did. Calypso is a series of monologues, some read by the author and some recorded from his live shows. I had not heard of David Sedaris before, but he’s an American comedy writer and speaker and as I listened to him telling me his stories and observances from life I found myself laughing out loud while walking my dog or jogging much to the amusement of those random people also out walking/jogging. I felt a deep sense of connection with his experiences with fitbits and road rage and being part of an extended family, and getting older and I loved his blunt, saying it like it is, sometimes rude or irreverent but always hilarious style.

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