The Luminaries – Eleanor Catton – (AUDIOBOOK) – 21.07.20

I had this book on both Audio and kindle, and although I mostly listened to the story, I did sometimes dip into reading a bit on the kindle, and immediately upon finishing the book I watched the BBC miniseries adaptation, so all in all it’s been a multisensory experience! The book is told from the perspective of lots of different men who are peripheral to the main players and plot, and gives each of their backstories and the ways in which they interact with what’s going on with the central story – one of murder, theft, love and magic during New Zealand’s gold rush era. Because of this method of telling, the story was teased out in bits, with overlap of some things from different perspectives, but with new nuggets (note the gold prospecting pun!) with each man’s tale. Sometimes it was a bit long winded and I did occasionally get a bit bored, but at other times I was totally gripped, and all the more so from having soldiered on through the sometimes tedious details to get to where I was. I liked watching the adaptation after reading, because, although some minor details were changed, the spirit of the story was the same and the programme drew out some of the more magical elements which I don’t think I fully got from reading the book. All in all, a very enjoyable experience.

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