The Revolving Door of Life – Alexander McCall Smith – 15.09.22

The Bertie Project – Alexander McCall Smith -21.09.22

A Time of Love and Tartan – Alexander McCall Smith – 29.09.22

The Peppermint Tea Chronicles – Alexander McCall Smith – 02.10.22

So, I started reading The Peppermint Tea Chronicles on my kindle, but then realised that I hadn’t read at least one previous book in the series, and found I had three paperbacks from the series in my ‘to be read’ pile, starting with The Revolving Door of Life, so I stopped The Peppermint Tea Chronicles, to catch up. I was almost finished The Revolving Door of Life, when I remembered how it ended, so I must have read that one before!

Well, reading these four books in a row was fun, if a little repetitive (in fact A McC S seems to repeat the same anecdotes in more than one book) and occasionally confusing (Bertie’s friend Ranald Braveheart etc is sometimes at the same school and sometimes not…?) but on the whole I enjoyed the experience.

As is typical of the series, there is gentle storytelling and philosophising and lots of joy and positivity. I will keep reading these books (it was also fun because I had a trip to Edinburgh earlier in the year and so recognised some of the landmarks so lovingly referred to).

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