The Bullet That Missed – Richard Osman (AUDIOBOOK) – 26.09.22

I am still enjoying Richard Osman’s gentle and fun series. Imagine that the Scooby Doo team are British (mostly) old people and the Mystery Machine is a nice retirement village you will get a picture of these stories. They even have a dog now. With their links so the police service, and some of them being retired spies, as well as the strong moral code and general bonhomie the Thursday Murder team will always catch the bad guy and maybe give him or her a nice cup of tea while they wait for the police to arrive!

For me, the experience of a lot of this audiobook is a bit of a lucid-dream-like blur. My daughter got married in September, and My husband drove with me and one or our sons through the night down from Northern Ireland (where we live) to the very south of Ireland to get the ferry to the south of Wales were the wedding was being held. I wanted to stay awake during the drive because I somehow feel that will help hubby to stay awake and not kill us all (!). He doesn’t like listening to anything in the car (music or podcasts etc) so I listened to my audiobook on my earphones. I thought I was awake and listening, but thinking back things are a bit muddled. Hmmm. I think I will maybe listen again sometime!

After the Wedding we had a short holiday in the beautiful Welsh town of Tenby and I finished listening to the book on my morning (hilly but lovely) runs. I was halfway through a run when the book ended and the inevitable post book interview began. Oh no! I thought, I’ll have to listen to more awful bum kissing (both the author interviews after books one and two are all: I love you, no I love you, you’re the best author ever, no, you’re the best narrator ever, and so on…). I couldn’t be bothered switching to a new book mid run, but I was pleasantly surprised that the interviewer was Steph McGovern and she asked sensible and interesting questions instead of just oozing sycophancy. Yay!

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