The End of the Day (Audiobook) –Claire North (Author), Peter Kenny (Narrator) – 04.08.22

This is my fifth Claire North novel of the summer, and my favourite so far. In fact I would say it’s my new stand out favourite audiobook after Aperigon. I loved the narrator who really, I think, captures the spirit of the different characters and the narrative as well as doing an impressive array of accents!

The story follows Charlie, who applies for and gets the job of Harbinger of Death. As a rookie, he’s not really sure what he is doing, and is so sweet and calm and endearing stumbling along trying to always do the right thing. Poor Charlie travels the world, and meets the best and worst of people, but always honours their lives and acknowledges their importance. He is kidnapped, beaten and tortured, and held at gunpoint many times, but he only grows in wisdom and introspection, while still staying sweet and earnest.

As an audiobook, listening to the many soliloquies had me gripped and enraptured as Charlie, or the people he meets talk through their thoughts on life and the world: very thought provoking, but never boring or preachy.

I really, really liked it.

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