All the Ugly and Wonderful Things – Bryn Greenwood – AUDIOBOOK – 01.08.22

I’ve had a really bad back of late, which seems to be my autoimmune arthritis flaring up in my sacroiliac joint, and my physiotherapist suggested I take up swimming. So I joined a gym with a pool and found swimming length quite boring until I thought of listening to audiobooks in the pool.

This book was included with my Audible account, and is the first book I put onto my waterproof mp3 player to listen to while swimming.

It tells the story of Wavy, born to an addict/schizophrenic mother and abusive criminal father and the very deep friendship/love affair she forms with a man who sometimes works for her father. It’s a difficult listen at times, because the relationship is very inappropriate, and yet kind of pure and good against the setting of the other things going on in Wavy’s life.

I found it quite mesmerising, maybe because swimming is so mindless that all my attention went to listening, and I really rooted for Wavy and Kellen to be happy and prevail against all the obstacles set in their way.

The narrator was very good too.

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