Yestertime: A Novel of Time Travel (Yestertime Series Book 1)

– Andrew Cunningham – 20.06.22

This book has thousands of great reviews and Amazon, which confounds me because I thought it was one of the worst written books I’ve ever read (or almost read – I gave up at 80% – you’d think having got that far I’d see it through, but no, it was so bad and not getting any better, I literally couldn’t take any more).

I don’t like writing bad reviews, because I know from experience as a writer that reading them can be upsetting, but since Andrew Cunningham has so many five stars and since such a tiny number of people read my reviews anyway, I think I can vent on here.

I thought the writing was clunky and unsubtle and the writing structure was boring and linear (ironic for a time travel book!). I didn’t like or care for any of the characters and giving up at 80% was just a relief.

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