The Shining Girls – Lauren Beukes – 14.06.22

I watched TV adaptation of this novel first, with Elizabeth Moss and loved it. In the TV series, Elizabeth Moss’s character survives a vicious attack and is convinced that she was the victim of a serial killer, a conviction which the police initially at least don’t take seriously. In the TV series, since the attack, her character seems to switch between parallel realities with small or big changes (from a different hairstyle, to being married or having a different career) but is always working towards solving the mystery of the killer, evidence of whom crops up in archives from different eras in time.

After watching the show, I still had questions and wanted to delve deeper, so I bought the book to read. Well, The book, like the show follows the character who survived the attack, and her quest to unearth the truth, in both the book and the show there is a time travelling murderer, and a mysterious house that controls the narrative, but in the book there are no parallel universe switches, which disappointed me because that was one of the things I really likes about the show.

I did enjoy reading the book, but it’s hard to judge it on its own merit since I came to it expecting something else.

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