The Nothing Man (Audiobook) – Catherine Ryan Howard (Author), Alana Kerr Collins (Narrator), John Keating (Narrator) – 04.02.22

Covid hit me really hard – there were three weeks when I could barely get up from the sofa and during that time I spent a lot of hours listening to audiobooks (and sewing a felt Christmas wreath for my daughter that I started over a year ago and never got around to finishing until now!)

This was another Irish narrator audiobook – I prefer Irish narrators as British audiobooks often have really posh narrators and that annoys me.

I’ve enjoyed other Catherine Ryan Howard books -whodunnit type novels set in contemporary Ireland and I enjoyed this one too.

The premise was that a woman who survived a vicious attack on her family as a child has written a memoir about it, and the man who killed her family and many others and was never captured is reading the book. We get chapters from his perspective, and then chapters from the memoir as he is reading them and then his response to what he reads. I thought the structure was clever and the tension ramped nicely. I found the ending satisfying too.

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