The Language of Spells – Sarah Painter- 07.02.22  The Secrets of Ghosts – Sarah Painter – 11.02.22

I love Sarah Painter’s Crow Investigations books – an urban fantasy series up there with Ben Aaronovitch’s novels in my opinion, so I gave these earlier books by her a go.

These are kind of urban fantasy, but much more cosy mystery/romance in feel. I thought the heroines were all obsessed with men and their bodies and thinking about sex all the time and that got quite annoying.

There was quite a lot that I did like – nice wise woman/witch wisdom – using herbs and superstition to help people with all kinds of problems from the mundane to the serious, and of course the women did have actual powers that they had to discover and come to terms with.

On the whole I would say I liked but didn’t love these two books.

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