The Coldest Girl in Coldtown – Holly Black – 21.10.21

I loved the beginning of this book. Set in an America after there had been a big vampire explosion and when society was set up to deal with further threat – entire cities are kept as quarantine centres for people infected with vampirism (and others who were either trapped there or chose to live there for some reason). The main character wakes up at a party where most of her friends have been slaughtered by vampires and she was somehow overlooked. She goes on a journey with a vampire she saved from the others and a boy who had been bitten but not yet turned to take them both to the quarantine city (coldtown). As the book went on however I got a bit bored the American Teen stuff – all love and image and what-not, but then I’m a 52 year old Irish woman so probably not the target audience. An interesting and mostly fun and enjoyable and thought provoking take on the classic vampire novel.

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