Rubbernecker – Belinda Bauer – 24.10.21

This is an interesting, thought provoking and readable murder mystery novel. The story is told from three points of view. One character is a man in a coma in hospital who is aware of much of what is going on around him but not able to communicate, who sees someone in a bed near him being ‘helped out of life’ and lives in fear of the same thing happening to him. Another is a nurse on the ward (in my opinion the least interesting of the three characters, but I guess necessary to give some more bits of information), and the third and main character is an anatomy student called Patrick. Patrick is fascinated in the workings of the human body and has high functioning autism. He notices tiny discrepancies in the cadaver that he and his study group are dissecting in his university class which makes him convinced that the man did not die of the cause stated in his notes. Of course nobody takes him seriously, and he lacks the subtlety and social skills to put his point across in a way that doesn’t annoy his teachers and get him into lots of trouble. Patrick is tenacious though, and will not let it lie…..

I really enjoyed the book!

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