Great Circle – Maggie Shipstead (Audiobook) – 13.09.21

I mostly enjoyed this audiobook. At times it seemed very long and went into so many characters’ backstories that I just wished it would get on with the plot (although, saying that, when it got to the denouement, all that extra detail did actually enrich the reveal and make the ending more satisfying).

The dual stories surround two women – one a modern actor portraying an historical figure of a female pilot from the early twentieth century, and the other, the character she is portraying.

Most of the book deals with the historical character, delving into her family history as well as her childhood and whole life story really, for which I’m glad because her story was more interesting and engaging than that of the actor.

The contemporary character does however serve to illustrate that todays women still experience at least some of the unfairness that females have battled with throughout history. The pilot had to dress as a boy in her youth to be allowed to do jobs that were considered unsuitable for girls, and the actor suffered from being judged more harshly than her male co-star on social media , as well as being expected to accept sexual harassment (at least earlier in her career) in order to get roles.

The stuff about planes and flying was quite interesting, as well as the mystery element of what happened to the pilot when she and her plane disappeared.

I listened to some of this book on my holiday in Wales whilst running in the early mornings beside the beautiful Caernarfon Harbour which was lovely!

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