The Shadow Wing (Crow Investigations Book 6) – Sarah Painter – 25.07.21

I’ve really enjoyed all the books in Sarah Painter’s series about a private detective, Lydia Crow, with magical abilities. It has been interesting seeing Lydia’s journey through the series, from originally wanting little or nothing to do with her magical family inheritance, so coming to terms with her abilities and taking on more responsibility as heir to running the family business. The urban fantasy genre is one I really like (if done well), this series has a good mix of lightness (Lydia’s relationship with her live in 80s nerdy ghost has a lot of humour) as well as deep moral and philosophical questions. The role that has been thrust upon Lydia is almost like a mobster boss, and she finds herself at times having to throw her metaphorical/magical weight around to stop situations escalating which goes against her more gentle peace loving nature. Thrown into the mix is her growing romantic relationship with a police officer who is learning about her magical side and coming to terms with it, while seeming to have mystical secrets of his own (even secret to himself…?). I look forward to the next installment!

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