Grandmothers – Salley Vickers – 20.07.21

Years ago I read everything I could find by Salley Vickers, but it’s been a while and at the moment I’m mostly reading more magical realism/urban fantasy type books, so this was a nostalgic return for me.

From the very start I loved this book. There is just something about the style of writing that felt like coming home. Centered around three older women, who come together by chance, and their relationships with themselves, each other and their grandchildren the book is beautiful, insightful and life affirming without ever being saccharine or patronising.

As a woman in my fifties, not quite a grandmother yet but thinking about entering this later stage in my life, I found I identified with the women in lots of ways and I enjoyed this vicarious invitation into their circle of friendship.

I was sorry when the book ended, and moved by the women’s stories.

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