The Masked City (The Invisible Library book 2) Genevieve Cogman – 23.03.21

The Burning Page (The Invisible Library book 3) Genevieve Cogman – 30.03.21

So, I read the next two books in the Invisible Library series. I’m still trying to decide what I think of the series. I can’t really say anything negative about it – it doesn’t really annoy me (apart from the ‘sexual tension’ between the female lead and just about every male person she comes into contact with). There are a lot of elements that I like – the parallel worlds, the fey (magical people) and the dragons (who doesn’t love dragons??). It’s quite exciting, in a ‘cosy mysteries’ kind of way. I’m not sure why I just like rather than love these books. Still, I’ll keep reading the series, so that says something, I guess….

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