The Age of Miracles – Karen Thompson Walker – (AUDIOBOOK) – 31.03.21

I was quite excited by the opening of this book. The premise, told by the main protagonist, a girl, Julia, aged eleven at the beginning of the book, is that the rotation of the Earth is slowing, so that day lengths are increasing. We are never told why this is happening, but I was fascinated by the science of what effect this would have on life. Things like gravity increasing, due to the lessened effect of centrifugal force which counteracts some of the force of gravity. Unpredictable eclipses and other phenomena like solar flares, etc. Increase in solar radiation and the dying off of plant life. That part I loved. I didn’t love so much the coming of age family drama aspects of the story. I do appreciate that an end of the world disaster story only has true meaning if we bond with the characters going through it and get to know them as real people, I just found myself bored by the endless American Middle School Angst of Julia, fretting over boys and training bras and who is best friends with whom when I wanted to know more about what was happening on a global scale. I thought the book picked up again towards the end, so I’m maybe judging too harshly, as many books dip in the middle.

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