House of Many Ways – Diana Wynne Jones – 06.09.20

I’m still loving Diana Wynne Jones! I wish I could go back in time and introduce my childhood self to these books (not that I don’t love them as an adult, because I do!) because I feel like I should be nostalgic about them as if I did love them as a child. This third installment in the Ingary trilogy focusses on a girl who loves books and discovers she has magical talent (what’s not to love about that?!) Again there is interesting character development, humour and lots of magic and folklore. I realise that I’ve used the word ‘love’ about a million times in this review – terrible writing on my part, maybe, but I’m just saying it like it is, baby. Luckily for me, Diana Wynne Jones wrote lots of books, so I’ll be catching up on lost time and ordering oodles of them from Amazon.

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