Castle in the Air – Diana Wynne Jones – 04.09.20

This second book in the Ingary trilogy by Diana Wynne Jones initially felt a little different to the first book. If you’ve read C.S Lewis’s Narnia chronicles, then it was like The Horse and his Boy, in that it is set in the same world as the other books in the series, but at first none of the familiar characters seemed to be in the story. With a feel like Arabian Nights, (or Disney’s Aladdin!) the story follows a young man who comes into possession of a Genie and a magic carpet, and falls in love with a princess, but must overcome perils to rescue the object of his affection. I enjoyed the whole book, but especially the ending when the denouement makes everything make more sense! Again I loved how Diana Wynne Jones gives her characters complex personalities with both light and shade, and has a slightly wicked sense of humour!

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