The Half Life of Valery K – Natasha Pulley – 10.01.23

I have loved the other books I’ve read by Natasha Pulley, all of which have had a magical realism element in an historical fiction setting. When I saw the title of this book, I assumed it would be more of the same so I eagerly bought it. Well, I was wrong in thinking this bookContinue reading “The Half Life of Valery K – Natasha Pulley – 10.01.23”

The Kingdoms – Natasha Pulley (AUDIOBOOK) – 04.07.21

I have really enjoyed other books by Natasha Pulley – she writes historical fiction with magical realism elements and often sweet but forbidden male homosexual love. This book ticked all those boxes, and I did enjoy it (on the whole) although at times I found it a bit of a slog if I’m honest. TheContinue reading “The Kingdoms – Natasha Pulley (AUDIOBOOK) – 04.07.21”

The Lost Future of Pepperharrow – Natasha Pulley – 26.02.21

This is a sequel to The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, which I loved, and follows the same characters, but this time, instead of a Steampunk Victorian London, the action takes place in an historical Japanese setting with the backdrop of growing Japan/Russian tensions and threats of war. I loved the Japanese elements, since while myContinue reading “The Lost Future of Pepperharrow – Natasha Pulley – 26.02.21”