Honeycomb – Joanne Harris (AUDIOBOOK) – 03.07.22

I enjoyed listening to these beautiful and lyrical, if dark and cautionary adult fairy tales read perfectly by the author, Joanne Harris. The stories stood alone but also interweaved into one narrative whole and were full of the fey folk mythology that I love, with some twists by Joanne Harris incorporating the insect world intoContinue reading Honeycomb – Joanne Harris (AUDIOBOOK) – 03.07.22

A Narrow Door – Joanne Harris – 24.11.21

This is the fourth book set in the fictional town of Malbry and the third set at St Oswald’s, proceeded by Gentlemen and Players, Blueeyedboy and Different Class. I’ve read and enjoyed all the books in the series, in fact, it was the shocking denouement in Gentlemen and Players that inspired the plot of myContinue reading “A Narrow Door – Joanne Harris – 24.11.21”