A Face Like Glass – Frances Hardinge (AUDIOBOOK) – 07.01.23

I always enjoy Frances Hardinge novels. This one is set in a world where everyone lives in an underground city with a well defined class system where the underclasses are exploited by the elite classes. In this world, people do not have the innate ability to form facial expressions and must learn a handful ofContinue reading “A Face Like Glass – Frances Hardinge (AUDIOBOOK) – 07.01.23”

Unraveller – Frances Hardinge – 15.12.22

I don’t read much pure fantasy these days, generally preferring Urban Fantasy or Magical realism books (or just literary fiction) but I do like Frances Hardinge books even though I would class them as pure classical fantasy. In the world of this book, strange magical spider like creatures have ‘gifted’ humans with the ability toContinue reading “Unraveller – Frances Hardinge – 15.12.22”

Deeplight – Frances Hardinge – 23.12.20

As I mentioned in my previous review (for Ready Player Two) my mum just died (on 14th December) and for that reason I decided to read this young adult fantasy novel by Frances Hardinge because I was looking for a gentle ‘easy’ read. Well, I should have know better than imagining that a Frances HardingeContinue reading “Deeplight – Frances Hardinge – 23.12.20”