The Midnight Mayor: A Matthew Swift Novel – Kate Griffin – 12.02.23

This is the second book in the Matthew Swift series about the man who comes back from a near death (or maybe actual death) experience sharing his consciousness with an electric blue angel. It’s an urban fantasy series set in London and like Ben Aaronovitch’s’ Rivers of London series it very much pays homage to the city and to the Myths and legends surrounding it. Matthew Swift’s magic stems from the very beating heart of the city – he uses power from, for example, the utility cables all around and protects himself with warding spells using things like the rules of the London underground.

I like the series, but don’t yet love it. The things I like are the intelligent and imaginative plots and interesting characters. The thing I struggle with is the structure of the writing which is often (for me anyway) quite confusing, switching between points of view, and not using sentences. There are odd line breaks in the middle of sentences sometimes, and I’m not sure if this is stylistic or if it’s a glitch with my kindle!

I will continue reading the series and see if I grow to love it!

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