Sixteen Souls – Rosie Talbot – 10.02.23

The beautiful walled city of York, with it’s towering Gothic cathedral, York Minster is the perfect setting for this coming of age/coming out, young adult ghost story urban fantasy. I have read quite a lot of books in the urban fantasy genre, and this was a very enjoyable one, up there with my favourites such as Rivers of London and the Crow Investigations series.

Charlie died of meningitis and was revived, when he got better, he had lost both his legs, but gained an ability so see and interact with dead people. We meet him a few years later when he has adjusted to what’s happened and is best friends with some of the ghosts. But when ghosts start disappearing, and a new seer is in town Charlie must get over his distrust and work with him to solve the mystery.

Big thumbs up, I loved it!

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I'm an erstwhile writer and forever reader and book reviewer.

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