The Name of the Wind: The Kingkiller Chronicle, Book 1 – Patrick Rothfuss (Audiobook) – 09.12.22

I remember that I bought this book (and its sequel) from Audible because I read an article about the greatest fantasy books of all time, and all the other books on the list were among my favourite ever reads. This book certainly has many great reviews on Amazon, but man, I really didn’t enjoy it.

The audiobook is loooong. 28 hours. And the time did the opposite of flying by.

I just went and looked again at the Amazon ratings, and apart from a few nay-sayers (with whom I totally agree) the fast majority of people rave about how gripping and amazing it is. I’m at a loss. I found the main character annoying. He was instantly good at everything in a totally un realistic way, and for the most part I found the writing boring and the story unengaging. Occasionally I found myself a bit interested, but mostly it just dragged on and on.

I’m slightly conflicted, because I’ve bought the second book, but I really can’t see me wanting to waste any more hours of my life listening to it.

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