Fattypuffs and Thinifers – Andre Maurois – 28.12.22

Still on my end of year nostalgia kick, I read this book which was one of my childhood favourites. I don’t know what happened to my original copy, but I went ahead and bought a second hand paperback copy from an Amazon seller. I’m lazy about reading actual paperback books now, almost all my reading is done on my kindle and the effort of having to hold the book and turn pages and read with the light on (I love to read in bed just by the light of the kindle screen) is almost too much. I have actually found myself resting my finger on a word that I don’t know the meaning of because that’s how I get the definition on my kindle! (What am I like?!)

Any way, this book, translated from French and first published in 1931 (so it was already pretty old when I was a child) follows two brothers who stumble into an underground world where they are instantly separated into a ‘fatty’ and a ‘thinny’ and sent off the the segregated nations.

They end up as advisors to the leaders of the two nations who are going to war over their ideological differences (although the disingenuous reason is disagreement over the name of an island between their two nations).

It’s a book about the folly of war and the fresh perspective of the boys from a world where fatties and thinnies live together peacefully helps the nations to find peace.

I remember loving it as a child, although I suppose they wouldn’t get away with a book nowadays that classifies people by body shape even if the point is how wrong that is.

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