Once There Were Wolves – Charlotte McConaghy – (BOOKGROUP) – 07.11.22

This was my book group read for November, and as you will see if you look at the My Book Group Reads page of my website, the group had a great discussion based on this (in my opinion at least) fabulous book.

Here’s part of what I wrote about it on my book group reads page:

The story follows Inte, who suffers from mirror image synesthesia and is one of two identical twins while she is in Scotland heading a team re-introducing wild wolves to the ecosystem.

The books seems to span several genres, it’s a murder mystery, a family thriller, a book about nature and ecology and a study on relationships and human behaviour. We talked about all these things, including how our actions and feelings are molded both by our genetics and our experiences, we talked about the shocking prevalence of domestic abuse and child abuse in the world and if this makes us more or less like wild animals.

I loved the book, and the other members in my book group all at least liked it, although so of them found it a bit too strange.

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