The Final Girls Support Group – Grady Hendrix (AUDIOBOOK) – 12.10.22

This is another audiobook that took me ages to finish, although this time it wasn’t my fault! My hubby and I listened to a Grady Hendrix short audiobook (Horrorstör) on a very strange and emotional road trip during lockdown to attend my mum’s funeral, and I managed to persuade him to listen to another on our next (less strange and emotional) road trip, which was this one. My hubby is not really into fiction and also he said listening made him sleepy while driving, or he missed bits when he was concentrating, etc etc, which meant, a year and a half later we still hadn’t finished listening to this book. So I told hubby that I would just finish the book without him, and so I did.

I’m a big Grady Hendrix fan (I’m very excited because I just discovered there’s a new novel coming out in January) and I did enjoy this one, but maybe not as much as some others… -(which could be because of the long hiatus?!).

Anyhoo, there were lots of fond digs at the horror genre tropes and interesting twists and turns and female empowerment, and I would recommend this book to fans of light hearted horror.

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